Let Your Story Shine

Create to Inspire Greatness in Others

“Living Your Dreams, Create to Inspire.”


Made for Families Everywhere

Kendu Films™ is a unique media company dedicated to producing inspiring, character-based animated stories that engage the hearts and minds of children and families everywhere.


The Power of Group Creativity

We believe that creativity is truly utilized in group settings. There is power in bouncing ideas and taking inspirations from one another; creating vastly more possibilities and outcomes. 


Inspire Future Generations

We want to encourage and give opportunities to those who dare to follow their destiny in creativity. It is our mission to allow the next generation to dream big and to find meaning in their pursuit of music, visual art, designing, and writing. Above all, we want to build people of character rather than people who obsess over success.   

Project Videos

Invisible Tails Digital Book Sample

Kendu Films strives to bring wholesome content to both children and families.  

Tiger Brothers

Feature Animation based on Chinese Zodiac