The founder of Kendu Films, Davy Liu, was born in Taiwan, the son of a prominent baker. As he later entered school, he earned poor grades in his academic studies resulting in very low self-esteem. He struggled with making straight A’s but was gifted in drawing straight lines. 

His family immigrated to the United States in 1982 where he met his 8th grade art teacher Poppy Kincaid. She discovered Davy’s talent and encouraged him with the words “You can do it”. That following year, Davy was selected as a top 20-award winner in a U.S. national art competition

This instilled a confidence and passion in Davy that encouraged him to pursue art and later became a fine animator and production designer for Walt Disney Feature Animation, Warner Brother Feature Animation, and Industrial Light and Magic. Davy often recalls what his art teacher told him, “You can do it”. Therefore, Kendu Films hopes to create inspirational and wholesome content that encourages children and families everywhere to have a “Can Do” spirit.” 


We strive to tell stories using superior production throughout the creative process with the highest integrity in business.


Our passion is to produce wholesome family content with excellence in the visual arts so that our generation may understand the transcendent moral values of a story well told, resulting in timeless inspiration and the affirmation of each individual.


Our studio is filled with people who are motivated and passionate about their work. They are excited about working with the best team in the world. We’re not about a one-man show, but strive to collaborate with the power of team spirit.

We love a big kid attitude, playfulness, direct communication and thinking outside of the box. We want to create a work environment that allows creativity to soar, giving every artist a place where he or she can share their ideas and dreams with others. We encourage one another to pursue excellence while constantly learning about life and art.